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Scarless Surgery:
Beginning as early as 2014, the surgical technique patented by Dr. Wesley will receive FDA Approval and be made available to patients worldwide. Using this innovative approach, the benefits of current surgical practices (hair survival and natural appearance) may be enhanced and the appearance of scarring may be eliminated. In addition, post-operative recovery may be improved by becoming more comfortable and more rapid.
While Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) represents a technical improvement in the field, the novel surgical approach developed by Dr. Wesley will more profoundly benefit patients undergoing modern hair transplantation.

Direct Comparison of FUE and Scarless Surgery
Scarless Sugery
Demands a high surgical skill level
  Maximal transplanted hair survival by minimizing FU transection upon harvesting
  Eliminates the stigma of small punctate scars
  Broadens patient candidacy (curly hair)
Easy and comfortable post-operative recovery process as compared to "strip" surgery
  Patients can wear their hair at any length they would like prior to surgery
  Eliminates folliculitis from "buried" grafts
  Subsequent surgeries are not hampered by fibrotic tissue from a prior session
  FU are immediately stored in a viability-enhancing solution.
  The handling of FU is limited to only gentle placement; thus enhancing survival
  The protective tissue around each FU is maximized; thus enhancing survival.
Careful selection is the specific type and caliber of FU can be achieved; thus tailoring each session to fit the patients needs

An initial clinical trial was conducted during the fall of 2011. The clinical trial had three (3) main objectives. To demonstrate:

  • This surgical approach is safe for patients.
  • There is no visual evidence of scarring in the donor area from which the hair follicles are harvested.
  • The survival of the transplanted hair follicles harvested by this novel technique are as good if not better than the current methods of hair follicle harvesting: follicular unit extraction (FUE) and the traditional strip harvest (FUT).
In the following video presentation Dr. Wesley describes the background of the piloscopic scarless hair follicle harvesting technique and highlights the exciting results from the double-blind, 16-month clinical trial that demonstrate a significant advantage in transplanted hair follicle survival using the scarless approach to the traditional FUE method.

This password-protected video can be viewed using the password: "piloscopy".

As the surgical instrumentation development process moves forward, we anticipate an additional clinical trial to be initiated in the late spring of 2014. Participating patients benefit from receiving approximately 100 transplanted hair follicles at no charge. If you are interested in learning more about enrolling in the upcoming clinical trial, please visit the website of the scarless surgery development project: www.pilofocus.com.
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