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Carlos K. Wesley, M.D., graduated cum laude from Princeton University. He received his medical degree from Yale Medical School where he earned various awards for academic excellence. Specializing in the medical and surgical treatment of men's and women's hair loss, Dr. Wesley is also the Founder and CEO of Pilofocus: a biomedical technology company dedicated to scarless surgical hair treatment. We welcome you to learn more about his approach to patient care and his achievements in advancing and improving the surgical field.
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  Updates in the field
Dr. Wesley Invited as Featured Speaker at 2015 AACS Meeting
This 31st Annual Scientific Meeting entitled "Technological Advancements in Cosmetic Surgery" will showcase some of the world's top surgeons with sub-specialties ranging from Rhinoplasty to Liposuction. The presentation will take place on January 14th, 2015 in New Orleans, LA and...(more)

Doctor's World Cup Journey Highlighted in Magazine
On a more personal note, Dr. Wesley and his wife, Anna Kaiser, founder of AKTinMotion, were recently featured in Beach: Modern Luxury Magazine. As the married couple attended this year's World Cup of Soccer in Brazil, the magazine highlighted their journey throughout each city....(more)

Dr. Wesley Featured in TheVerge
Features writer, Lessley Anderson, of The Verge was initially drawn to the surgical research performed by Dr. Wesley while witnessing his presentation at last year's ISHRS Conference in San Francisco. After interviewing his various patients and investigating the development of his research, her findings were shared....(more)

Wesley Discusses Future Trends in HRS at 2014 Mt. Sinai Surgical Symposium
This past weekend's Advances in Facial Reconstruction and Cosmetic Surgery Symposium provided audience members in New York's Mount Sinai (Icahn) School of Medicine an opportunity to learn about insights regarding the future of hair restoration....(more)

Dr. Wesley to Author in "Hair Transplant 360" Textbook
Two separate invitations have been awarded to Dr. Wesley to author a comprehensive overview on the innovations within our surgical subspecialty as well as an entire chapter dedicated to the scarless surgical hair harvesting technique (or piloscopy) that Dr. Wesley is currently developing....(more)

Major Specialty Textbook Invites Dr. Wesley to Pen Chapter on Innovations in Surgical Hair Restoration
Dr. Carlos K. Wesley has been invited to author a comprehensive overview on the innovations within our surgical subspecialty. The NEW Hair Transplantation textbook editors recently requested that Dr. Wesley provide an objective overview of all of the major innovations in surgical hair loss treatments....(more)

Dr. Wesley Selected to Author Overview for Physician Reference Site
Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. was selected to provide a comprehensive overview of the field of surgical hair restoration to fellow physicians worldwide. By serving as the primary author of "Hair Transplantation" for WebMD (owners of both Medscape and eMedicine)...(more)

2013 ISHRS Conference Schedule Announced
The preliminary program has been established for the 2013 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Meeting held from October 23-27 in San Francisco, California (USA). Dr. Wesley has been invited to present his clinical research and findings...(more)

Dr. Wesley Authors Chapter in Premier Plastic Surgery Text
Dr. Carlos K. Wesley, served as the primary author on Hair Transplantation in the 7th Edition of the Grabb and Smith's Plastic Surgery Textbook along with co-authors Drs. Walter & Robin Unger. The release date has been announced: September 9, 2013...(more)

Scarless Surgery Selected as a Feature Video Presentation at 2013 ISHRS Conference
An invitation was extended to Dr. Wesley to present the details of his scarless surgical method for hair follicle harvesting at the 2013 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Meeting held from October 23-27 in San Francisco, California (USA)...(more)

Featured on "The Bald Truth" the Dr. Wesley's Scarless Surgical Method
An innovative surgical method that enables hair follicle harvesting to be performed with two significant potential advantages (improved graft survival and no evidence of scarring in the donor area from which the hair is harvested) was featured on the world's longest-running talk show dedicated to hair loss. ...(more)

Dr. Carlos K. Wesley to Lecture at 2013 Multi-Specialty Spring Symposium
Dr. Wesley will lecture to fellow physicians on "New Frontiers in Surgical Hair Restoration" at the Mount Sinai Medical Center Multi-Specialty Spring Symposium in New York City. This two-day CME event entitled "Advances in Facial Reconstruction & Cosmetic Surgery: A Hands-On Cadaver Workshop & Board Review Program" will be held on June 1st & June 2nd 2013...

What Every Young Patient Should Know When Considering Surgical Hair Restoration
All of the improvements in our field over the past two decades have allowed for a younger patient population to benefit from surgical hair restoration. This publication serves as a cautionary tail in order to help clarify the limits of the finite supply of "permanent" donor area hair used in treating young patients...

Dr. Wesley Earns Coalition Membership Status
Dr. Wesley recently earned Coalition Member Status on the world's largest patient-driven Hair Transplant Network. The 20,000 member site based their vote on their personal experiences with Dr. Wesley, the surgical results presented by Dr. Wesley's office, and the active clinical research being performed in his office....

Dr. Wesley Investigates Steroids' Impact on Wound Healing
Serving as the primary author on a study recently accepted for publication by The Journal of Dermatological Treatment, Dr. Wesley set out to investigate whether corticosteroid administration assist or impedes the early-phase healing process of the FUT donor wound...

Official Recommendation of Dr. Wesley by IAHRS
Resulting from numerous patient testimonials and candid recommendations of fellow physicians, the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS) has officially endorsed Dr. Carlos K. Wesley as a top-tier surgeon in the field. The IAHRS is an organization whose membership is limited exclusively to...

Dr. Wesley Invited as Ground Rounds Lecturer at University of Colorado
With a unique emphasis on the ways in which hair restoration surgery can serve as a useful adjunct to their practice, Dr. Carlos K. Wesley has been invited to deliver a Grand Rounds lecture to the University of Colorado Department of Dermatology...

Dr. Wesley Selected as Speaker for Mount Sinai Spring Symposium 2012
Selected by his professional colleagues, Carlos K. Wesley, M.D. will serve as a featured lecturer at the 2012 Spring Symposium "Advances in Facial Reconstruction and Cosmetic Surgery"....

Dr. Wesley Investigates Trends in Surgical Patient Comfort
While numerous advances have been made in surgical aesthetics over the past few decades, Dr. Wesley's most recent publication in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology focuses on post-operative comfort experienced by patients....

Dr. Wesley Authors Review for World's Largest Physician Reference Site
Highlighting the most recent advances in the field of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr. Carlos Wesley was selected as an editor in a review of current techniques by WebMD (owners of Medscape and eMedicine)....

ISHRS Meeting Kicks off in Archorage, Alaska
The 19th Annual Scientific Meeting for the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is taking place in host city Anchorage, Alaska from September 14-18, 2011....

HRS NYC Umbrella Site Launched
Highlighting both the common and unique aspects of their specialized approach to surgical hair restoration, Drs. Wesley and Unger recently completed a comprehensive "umbrella" site for their combined surgical practice...

Dr. Wesley Earns Recommendation of Network
The quality and success of Dr. Carlos K. Wesley's surgical work was recently rewarded with a recommendation by the Hair Transplant Network, the world's most visited hair restoration surgery website...

Female Candidacy for Surgery
Dr. Wesley recently published physician perceptions influencing female candidacy for hair restoration surgery (HRS). Along with co-author, Dr. Robin Unger, he uncovers why the increasing prevalence of women undergoing HRS has been met with varied response from surgeons...